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Learn More About Stump Removal

Planning to use the green space on your property for an event, but the tree stump at the center of the space getting in the way? Iowa Tree Service is right at your disposal.

Over the past ten years, we have helped hundreds of clients free their green spaces from stumps that make it difficult to bring the area into use. With extensive experience, skilled professionals, and state-of-the-art tools, we make your lives easy, simple, and full of convenience.

Treat Your Land the Right Way

The stump removal process can ruin the piece of land and create a mess. We at Iowa Tree Service treat your land with love and care, without ruining its looks. Choose us because your land deserves better than being treated with harsh techniques and tools. We have worked on a variety of different cases and know exactly how to tackle even the toughest of situations, that too, without harming the beauty of the space.

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Our Reliable Stump Removal Service

We at Iowa Tree Service have helped innumerable clients in exterminating tree stumps along with its surface roots. Our skilled team uses environmentally-friendly equipment to shred the stump and its surface roots. With our service, you not only free your land from tree stumps, but you also do that without harming the environment as we use environmental-friendly equipment and methods.

A Flat, Easy to Maintain Surface

We complete the process of exterminating the tree stump along with its service roots by digging deep into the ground. We neatly carry out the process without creating a mess, saving you the struggle to indulge in hours-long cleaning. Once done, you will get a perfectly smooth and easy to maintain surface.

Safe and Beautiful Green Space

Tree stumps can become a breeding ground for insects, and various species of pests that can negatively impact the can eat up the other plants and grass around. Moreover, these can even prove harmful to your health. With extermination of tree stumps, we eliminate the risk of a growing number of insects.

With our exceptional quality services, a team of experts, and decade long experience, we ensure that our clients get the best service. With Iowa Tree Service by your side, you can enjoy peace of mind while we take care of the stump removal matters for you!

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